Essay On Marijuana Legalization

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Marijuana legalization in Connecticut Reading ‘The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace’ by Jeff Hobbs gave me food for thought about marijuana abuse. In my opinion marijuana should be legal in state of Connecticut but many people argue that it should be illegal because teenagers might use it even more. On the other side, it will cause many more problems for our federal system. There is no magic bullet for preventing teen drug use, but parents have a considerable amount of influence on their teens, even though it doesn't seem that way. Also, the federal system must cooperate with the people and be able to respect our freedom. Many people asked why marijuana should be illegal and responded, “Because it’s bad” which…show more content…
He responded by saying that he doesn’t really care if marijuana is legalized or not, but he believes that more people get put behind bars for the possession of this illegal substance than for any other crime and that is flooding our prisons, and people for worse crimes are getting out early because of over population in state prisons. I agreed with Greg about the fact that our prisons are overpopulated, and criminal’s sentences are being reduced because there is not enough space to house new incoming prisoners. People are smoking regardless of the fact that it is illegal and will continue to smoke it when it is legalized, and the people who don’t want to do it- don’t have to. While reading the article from “Opposing Viewpoints in Context” I found I found many concerns of marijuana legalization in Connecticut by the law enforcement. Even though the legalization is very close to pass it in 2017. The reasons to legalize it, is up to a huge amount of people arrested or imprisoned for marijuana possession. If marijuana would be legalized, less people would be arrested. That would mean, less people in privatized prisons, where the prisons earn money for having a certain number of prisoners. Marijuana legalization for the CT police means tremendous changes in procedures. CT Police Chiefs Association legislation
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