Essay On Market Based Immigration

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U.S is known to be the most united country in because of its variety of immigration from all over the world. In recent years, America need more skilled people to support for economic growing. To respond for this issues, Becker and Lazear suggest a quick solution is “ A market – based immigration,” the policy that sell the right to become a U.S citizen.
A way to perform the policy is selling the right up to $50,000 to anyone who want to be U.S citizen. According to Becker and Lazear, this new method brings a lot of advantages that not only provide more oppotutinies for people who want to come to a promised land, but also decreased the amount of illegal immigrants. A loan program is also available for people to borrow and they can pay it back by the loan payment automatically take out from their income or paycheck. Besides that, there are many benefits that a market-based immigration can do to help America. First, it attract more skilled workers who are the positive labors for economy system. For example, an India software engineer work in Silicon Valley can easily earn
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However, a market – based immigration may be a positive way for America to solve this problem because it can immediately respond to the economy worker needs of U.S. May be the proposal of a market is “radical at the first glance,” but the authors also give others solution for avoiding underground immigrant, a point system that government award to citizens based on skills, family ties, age, time living in the US. Another concern about the system is the person who has green card for a number of years is allowed to stay in America. With the people want to stay temporarily, they will be allowed to pay annual fee and renewable for up to three
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