Essay On Marketing Mix For Nike

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Marketing Mix
Nike is the well-known supplier of athletic sport shoes and sport apparels. Nike provides good design, brands, packaging and features such as warranty and after sales service for their products. They also provide customization service wherein customers are able to design their product based on their preferences. The customization service is available on Nike’s website. Nike provide one year warranty for their products and after sales service that offer an option for replacement if the products are damaged or contain defect caused by the manufacturer. Other than that, Nike also cooperation with other brands such as Apple iPod with their Nike+ sport shoes for jogging.
Nike’s main focus is on athletic footwear and sport apparel for sports activities. The track running shoes were Nike’s first product. This company not only sell shoes, they currently also offer a wide range of high quality sport apparel such as jerseys, shorts, base layers and so on. Aside from footwear and apparel, the sport equipment offer under the name of this brand including sport balls, baseball bat, rackets and other equipment designed specialized for sport activities. Nike is also well known for their accessories such as timepieces, bag, and socks. The most famous product categories of this brand
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(Philip Kotler and Gary Arms Strong, 2012) The pricing of this company is designed to be competitive to other fashion shoes manufacturers such as Adidas and Puma. This company charges a high prices for its high quality product it provide and because of its famous brand. The pricing of this company is based on the basis of premium segment as their target customers. Nike as a brand that targeted high income customer. This company make use of vertical integration in pricing in which they own participants to take part in more than one channel level
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