Essay On Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X

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Martin Luther King and Malcolm x their leader of African-America Community.
Martin Luther was a Pastor. Malcolm X was the founder member of the Nation of Islam. Martin Luther did a Boycott Movement. Martin Luther protests against segregated public facilities. Malcolm x outspoken for Black Muslim. Malcolm dropped out of school because of life a criminal. Black was order to survive and compete against the white populace.

Martin Luther King was a good preacher. Martin Luther King lived in a comfortable home. Martin had a wonderful life. Martin Luther King focused on equality. Martin Luther King had a criminal record. Martin Luther King was a rich man. Martin Luther King spoke of hope and peace treaty. Martin Luther King was a Baptist preacher. The church played role in Martin Luther King
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Dad was shot. He couldn’t see his mother because she was stuck. Malcolm x spoke vigilant. Malcolm x was misery and plight. Malcolm x visited Jerusalem and Muslim holy city, Mecca. Malcolm X had a difficulty with brutality. Malcolm x had a false personality. Malcolm x extreme different person. Malcolm x was in prison for taking someone money. Malcolm x was good speaking who withstand from white people. Elijah Muhammad thought Malcolm how to be a speak, Islam. Malcolm x was an evil because they why he spoke. Malcolm x hates Martin Luther King because he wants to change. Malcolm x called him a bad word. Malcolm x hates everything about segregated policy. Malcolm stood toe with Elijah Muhammad. He doesn’t want to make peace. Malcolm x didn’t like himself because he was a criminal. Malcolm x hates Muhammad people because they were evil to him. Malcolm x wasn’t peace and treaty person. Malcolm x wasn’t a model for America because of what he stands for. Malcolm spread messing about Idol. Malcolm x wasn’t a good person. Malcolm spoke violently Malcolm x didn’t believe in equal right. Malcolm x hates separated people. Malcolm x didn’t get along with white people because
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