Essay On Mass Hysteria

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Mass Hysteria Outbreaks Many students were taken to the hospital with a wide variety of symptoms.People pondered on what this could be.According to,mass hysteria is,”a condition affecting a group of persons, characterized by excitementor anxiety, irrational behavior or beliefs, or inexplicable symptoms ofillness.”There are many incidents were mass hysteria is seen.It is a psychological thing where many people are coerced into thinking that something is thought to be something that it really is not.Symptoms pplay a major role in mass hysteria outbreaks by causing someone to feel like they have a certain disease when really it is something else. According to Benjamin Radford,fifty-two schools in Bangladesh were closed…show more content…
These events have many similarities to that of the Salem Witch Trials.If people are very meticulous in the way that they research these two events,they will be able to notice that there is not much evidence that can be found to help them figure out what the real cause was.For example,the event about the schools in Bangladesh can be related to the
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