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On this Matcha Guide, we are going to give you a comprehensive explanation of what is Matcha and how the tradition started. Then we will go through all the benefits to close with the basic tea ware to use when you are serving Matcha.


Matcha is a sort of Green tea used for ceremonial porpoises in Japan. It has been a traditional tea for almost a thousand years. The Matcha tradition started in Japan by the year 1191.

Depending on the quality of the powder, Matcha has different grades. Here are the most important. Knowing them will be of most use to recognize the kind of Matcha you are about to purchase.
Ceremonial Grade
This is the best Matcha you will find. You can recognize it because it is bright green. It is not recommended that you mix this Matcha with anything else. Use it only to prepare the traditional tea. The price can be high, but it is worth every penny.
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It is not that it is of an inferior quality compared to the ceremonial Matcha. However, the process of preparation is different to let it enhance other flavors rather than its own. The Culinary Matcha is not as sweet as the ceremonial. It is recommended for Matcha recipes. Some more specific grades within the culinary Matcha include:

Café Grade
Latte Grade
Ingredient Grade
Kitchen Grade
Other available grades are the heritage grade, which is traditional to some manufacturers. You can also find organic Matcha. Although the original Matcha is Japanese, there are other producers around the world. Some of the most famous Matcha brands come from Australia.


The benefits of Matcha Tea come from the theanine, catechins and the high number of antioxidants present in the beverage. Among the Matcha benefits, we can

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