Essay On Mayweather And Mcgretor

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Have you ever accomplished a goal that set you back years ago? Do you feel that you worked to reach your goal? If you didn’t reach your goal, what would you do different to reach it the next time? I ask these questions because goals is what we all set for ourself to achieve them. However, by you setting the goals you want. You have to deal with patience, effort, hard work and more patience. Mayweather and Mcgregor couldn’t wait till day of the fight but they had to deal with patience. While both of them wait for day of the fight they put plenty of time and effort in the gym. They both worked in areas where they were good and areas that they were bad. Mayweather goals was to go 50-0 and remain his 26 knockouts. On the other hand, Mcgregor was beginning his first boxing match. So his goal was to defeat Mayweather and make history…show more content…
When Mcgregor would have the microphone, he would be trash talking to Mayweather face. Mayweather would sit up straight and wait his turn to talk. When it was Mayweather turn he would trash talk back, but smile at the end. Saturday night, August 26 ,in Las Vegas the day came for both fighters which they have been preparing for. Both of them threw punches to the face and bodies in the 1st round through the 9th round. When it came the 10th round Mayweather started to realize how Mcgregor was fighting. Mayweather switched his position to perform better punches which lead to knockout Mcgregor to the ground. After the celebration from Mayweather and his team members. An announcer ask Mayweather “When you look back what do you want people to remember Floyd Mayweather by?” Mayweather responds was “Well just know I went out 50-0, and in my last fight I gave them a bang.” What he meant by “bang” is that his goal has finally been accomplished. This speech from him made me look back on my goals and how far I have accomplished them as
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