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This study was performed on 200 students are enrolled in the MBA program at Whatsamattu U. The variables in this study include their age, gender, major, GPA, Bachelors GPA, course load, English speaking status, family, and weekly hours spent studying. Furthermore, the outcomes of this data exhibit 50 students have undefined majors, 55 students major in Finance, 70 students major in Leadership and 25 students major in Marketing. In other words, the relative frequency of students enrolled, only 25% percent of students have no major, 27.5% of students major in Finance, 35% of students major in Leadership and 12.5% of student major in Marketing. Therefore, the majors of these students are not statistically relevant to the participation in the…show more content…
Additionally, the cumulative frequency for 2.5-2.75 is zero, 2.75-3.0 is 20, 3.0-3.25 is 66, 3.25—3.5 is 111, 3.5-3.75 is 163, and 3.75-4.0 is 200. In addition, the histogram graphs group’s numerical data in the frequency distribution table that remains continuous. For example, the graphs relative frequency distribution for 2.5-2.75 is zero percent, 2.75-3.0 is 10%, 3.0-3.25 is 23%, 3.25-3.5 is 22.5%, 3.5-3.75 is 26%, and 3.75-4.0 is 18.5%. Subsequently, the cumulative relative frequency for 2.5-2.75 remains at zero, 2.75-3.0 is 10%, 3.0-3.25 is 33%, 3.25-3.50 is 55.5%, 3.50-3.75 is 81.5%, and 3.5-4.0 is 100%. Overall, the most common GPA frequency in the histogram graphs suggests students at Whattsamattu U ranges are between 3.50-3.75 with 26% and the least common GPA ranges from 2.5-2.75 with 0%. Although the graph seems consistent in measurement, there is no exact way to determine which of the 52 students GPA is the low 3.50 or high 3.75 on the graph. A measure of central tendency is a value that represents a central entry of a data set; the three most commonly used measures of central tendency are the mean, the median, and the mode (Manikandan, 2011).The descriptive statistics list the observations of data pulled Whattsamattu U and entered into a chart that specifies the measures of central tendency. For instance, in this case, study, the mean for weekly hours spent studying is 6.90; the average. Next, the median is

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