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Mc Donald’s By the end of 1960s, under the guidance of Ray Kroc, who was a salesman with onetime milk shaking capability, the Mc Donalds chain of fast food restaurants grew tremendously and there were more than 1000 across the United States of America. After its tremendous success in USA, it made a decision to go international and opened its first international franchise in British Columbia in 1967. Later that year, another was opened in Costa Rica .This was the point when the chain grew steadily. In a period of six months in 1971, it made its presence in three new continents; stores were launched in Japan, a suburb of Sydney and Holland. In 1979, Mc Donalds was introduced in South America with a store opened in Brazil. By opening in Casablanca in Morocco In 1992, Mc…show more content…
The menu however is different across nations. There are a variety of choices depending on the location. For example, in France, one of the highest selling items after Big Mac is a mustard topped burger called Le Royal Deluxe. In India, Mc Donald’s do not serve beef at all, instead it offers vegetarian dishes. In some Asian locations, Mc Donalds serves fried shrimp in Big Mac roll. In Brazil, it offers baked banana pies for desert. It had taken around 33 years for Mc Donald’s to open its first 10,000 restaurants. In April 1988, the 10000th unit was opened. However, the 20000 mark was reached in only eight more years. However, everywhere across the world, Mc Donalds has not received a warm welcome. Many European nations feel it is an insult to the national cuisines that they cherish. In 1999, Jose Bove was declared a national hero when he along with other activists destroyed Mc Donalds under construction. This was to protest “globalization and bad food”. Although there were protests, Mc Donalds is seen as a symbol of peaceful globalization. After discussion of 14 years with Kremlin, the first Mc Donalds restaurant was opened in Moscow in 1990. This move has supposedly helped thaw Cold
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