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Matthew Millard Professor Reed Composition October 15, 2013 Digital Media Piracy Thousands of people illegally download all types of digital media off of the internet daily. This can include music, games, or various types of software. The owner’s of the intellectual property being pirated would have you believe that the destruction of their respective industries is imminent due to the piracy and that that everyone who takes part is immoral and nothing more than a common thief. They insist that the only way to stop piracy is through stricter enforcement laws. In reality the piracy is harmless, if not beneficial to the media industries, and the people doing it are just as harmless. The real threat is to the people and our personal…show more content…
Then piracy acts as a form of sampling in which if they like the music many people choose to buy it (Bhattacharjee, Gopal, and Sanders 110-111). This means that stricter enforcement laws still would not stop the loss of profits but in fact worsen it. One study shows that an increase in music piracy actually increases legitimate music sales although by a considerably smaller rate. They state that “A 10% increase in clicks on illegal downloading websites leads to a 0.2% increase in clicks on legal purchases websites” (Aguiar and Martens, 1). They also theorize that this is a result of piracy being used to sample the goods and state that “Since music is an experience good, file sharing can allow consumers to sample specific songs or albums which can inform them on what to buy. Similarly, the sampling of a specific song may stimulate individual demand for other songs by the same artist” (Aguiar and Martens, 4). Economically speaking that means these two goods (legal music and illegal music) are complements. There are three possible relationships goods can share. They can be compliments meaning an increase in one good leads to an increase in the other. Another example of complementary goods is cars and gas. You don’t use one without the other. Although the effect is found to be rather small between illegal and pirated music so it’s not as strong of a relationship as the aforementioned example (Aguiar and Martens, 2).

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