Essay On Medical Errors

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“No employee makes the same mistake twice. He is fired the first time.” This seems so harsh, right? Imagine not being able to make any mistake without losing your job. Obviously, there are mistakes that are made that do merit losing your job. There have been mistakes made by people that costed their employer millions of dollars; but is it too much when any mistake results in the loss of employment? This makes you think though, if people knew they’d be fired after their first mistake, you feel like they’d work harder to make sure they don’t make that mistake. This also raises the question of whether this would either positively or negatively affect the company. Getting fired is not a small deal, it’s not only bad for the ex-employee, it’s bad for the company. The company must find a new candidate for the job and it takes time for a person to get trained for a job. After that, they still have to take time get well-adjusted to be as efficient as the person that preceded them. The point I’m getting at is that most companies don’t have the time and money to have people getting fired over small things. In theory, the company could…show more content…
As I said before, medical errors are a big problem in the United States, but it wouldn’t be if the people making these mistakes were fired after they messed up. Our medical workers would literally be flawless. Although it would be very stressful to have the looming thought of getting fired while with every patient, people working in a medical field must be able to work well under pressure. This would raise the bar for everyone in the medical field, the jobs would be so much more stressful, but it’d create a huge buffer between the decent employees and the elite ones, because the decent ones would be fired. This is what United States Robot Corporation is looking for in I, Robot; the best of the best, they don’t want to settle for anything
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