Essay On Patient Billing

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It is important for billers and coders to be familiar with software programs because the healthcare industry is switching over to computerized patient documentation (EHR and EMR) and computerized insurance carrier billing for services and equipment, as well as computerized benefit and coverage verification. These types of healthcare facility specific software programs fall under the generic heading Medical Practice Management Software. Obviously some medical facilities are further along in the actual use of all the medical practice management software that is available, the financial incentives from Medicare and other insurance carriers for implementing such software and the long-term advantages that come with its use pretty well …show more content…

This system allows patients the ability to schedule appointments themselves online, or have a telemedicine encounter. It also will email and/or text them appointment reminders and send consent forms through the patient portal and store them in the EHR. Next-day appointments automatically have insurance eligibility and benefits run with alerts for any issues. This system is iPhone and iPad compatible, is accessible via the cloud, and boasts that it has “the highest levels of data security available” (Software Advice, Inc., 2017). AdvancedMD is browser agnostic, can run on Mac and Windows, and also runs on almost any device. PROS: User-friendly software; video training library for each software function; adds new functions regularly; easy to use, well-organized billing program; payment posting feature integrates EOB info; customizable to individual practice/user; meets Meaningful Use requirements; automated insurance eligibility verification. CONS: Does not automatically upload or update the DMEPOS Medicare price list; high cost; many users complain of poor tech support; occasional slow-downs processing; does not work well with Google; one user complained that the regular upgrades freeze the system for extended periods of time and that affected timely claim submissions; encounter notes open in Word documents, not in the software program; software cannot prompt prescription refills.

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