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Due to our recent purchase of the hospital and subsequent reviews of the operations some issues have to be addressed. This memo is purely directed towards the hospitals record keeping practices and HIPAA compliance. Currently the hospital is processing everything but insurance billing manually. The use of paper records is not only a security risk it can also be destroyed in a disaster. In another memorandum we will discuss the need to develop a functional Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). The first thing we need to discuss what HIPAA is and why it was enacted. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA was enacted on August 21, 1996. The Privacy Rule was created when the HIPAA Act was implemented. The…show more content…
These include both required and recommended protection mechanisms. Required mechanisms include access control procedures, and activity audit controls. Access controls must include controlled pin code and username for each user and develop a plan for the release of PHI data in an emergency. Activity audit control must supply mechanism to track attempted access and what was done when the data was accessed. Recommended mechanisms to authenticate PHI, tools for encryption and decryption, and develop automatic logoff procedures. Authenticate PHI mechanism identifies if PHI was changed or destroyed illegitimately. Finally, the creation of automatic logoff mechanism needs to be developed to logoff users after a predetermined period of time to prevent unauthorized access to PHI data. Physical safeguards should include facility and building access controls, workstation use, mobile device use procedures, and hardware inventory controls. Access control should include a policy to tract anyone who has access to the PHI location and safeguards to prevent theft, access and tampering of stored PHI data. The use of both workstations and mobile devices must be addressed in respect to the protection of PHI data. Workstations should be protected from unauthorized people viewing the screen data and a plan for the use and access of PHI data while working at the workstation. The use of mobile devices

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