Essay On Mental Health Counselor

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Due to my professional track, I had to look up and discover counselor occupations from O*Net and the Occupational Outlook Handbook. When first viewing O*Net I decided to invest time in the Occupation Quick Search by typing in “counselors” and retrieving over a hundred different occupation titles that fit into a counselors criteria. However after a couple of minutes I was able to pinpoint an exact occupational field that I was acquiring through graduate school, which is mental health counseling. Mental health counselors was first described as a “counsel with emphasis on prevention”, which I thought was extremely bizarre since mental health counseling does not only focus on prevention but it is also about reinvention of an individual, in accruing…show more content…
In additional one field in particular that I thought helped out the websites definition of counselor was the tasks, knowledge, work activities and detailed work activities which all contained five bullet points covering multiple expectations and skills needed for a mental health counselor. With the Occupational Outlook Handbook my search was quit different along with the description and occupations that go along. For instance in the Occupational Outlook Handbook the first profession that I came across when searing counselors was mental health counselors and marriage family therapists. At first I though this was odd, stating that both of the professions are the same thing, instead of representing mental health counseling and stating subfields of it such as marriage and family therapist, or child therapist. In fact the website described the overall summary as one thing, stating that mental health counselors and family therapist help people manage and overcome mental and emotional problems and or disorders in not only themselves but also other relationships. Due to this I received a new outlook and description of the field, such as both professions interacted in the same criteria, while
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