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Exposure to DVA was high, with a mean CAS score of 56 (SD 34). The mean CORE-OM score was 18 (SD 8) with 76% above the clinical threshold (95% confidence interval: 70–81%). Depression and anxiety levels were high, with means close to clinical thresholds, and more than three-quarters of respondents recorded PTSD scores above the clinical threshold. Symptoms of mental illness increased stepwise with increasing severity of DVA. Women DVA survivors who seek support from DVA services have recently experienced high levels of abuse, depression, anxiety, and especially PTSD. Clinicians need to be aware that patients presenting with mental health conditions or symptoms of depression or anxiety may be experiencing or have experienced DVA. The high…show more content…
The objectives of this study were to (1) determine the prevalence of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse in women with HIV and women at risk for HIV infection and (2) examine the association between a history of childhood sexual abuse and HIV-related high-risk behaviors (Cohen, et al., 2000). Women involved with domestic abuse while young tend to contract the HIV disease when they are older because they consume their self in alcohol and drugs. Also, not using protection is a way to feel a void of being wanted because they have been hurt and abused by one or multiple people in their lives. The prevalence of self-reported abuse in this population was 39.5%. White women were significantly more likely to report any history of abuse than nonwhite women. Relationship issues were the only reason for pregnancy termination given more often by women with an abuse history than by non-abused women. Women with abuse histories were significantly less likely than non-abused women to inform the partner of the pregnancy or to have partner support for or involvement in the abortion decision. The prevalence of abuse reported by women in this population suggests that many women seeking abortion services may have abuse histories. Abused women may have different reasons for pregnancy termination than non-abused women and may be more likely to make the abortion decision without partner involvement. When routine screening for abuse

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