Essay On Mental Health Insurance

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Should Health Insurance Cover Mental Health Treatment?
Just last year 1 in 5 Americans suffered from mental illness. Everyday Americans and people in other countries are suffering because of mental illness and they should be treated to matter the cost. Mental health has just as much effect on the body as does physical health. Which that comes to my essential question. Should health care companies cover mental health treatment? One side says yes because that would help millions of people with getting treatment because the cost is too extensive for them. But on one side of the claim some people say that the cost is too severe to cover everyone’s mental health treatment through insurance. Nevertheless, It is extremely essential that no matter the cost that people are being treated for their mental illnesses. Many people are suffering from unfair treatment from insurance companies with mental health issues to prove that I will talk about that people really do suffer, that mental health patients really do want help and lastly that it is legally deemed to be treated the same insurance wise.
Mental health is a real problem that many people struggle with everyday.Critics say that since mental health isn’t a new thing we should know how to deal with it. Just because mental health is
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It’s clear to see that even if they aren’t getting treatment they do need it and should not have to suffer because of money. This means that it is so critical that health insurance companies start to follow the laws and increase the number of companies that pay for mental health treatment. The, maybe one day, if the laws if the companies start to comply to the laws maybe the number will do down to 1 in 4 suffer from mental illness in 5 years. Then maybe 1 in 3 in 10 years and so on. My goal is that less and less people every year don’t have to suffer from mental
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