Essay On Mental Life

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I was watching the clock closely as my mom drove to my appointment.
“I’m sorry” “For what?” I was confused. “For being the reason you’re always late and anxious.” “I’m not going to be late. I’m just not going to be exactly five minutes early.” “I know, but that’s important to you.” “It’s fine. Besides, I always have to be worrying about something.” “I’m sorry about that too. I’m sorry we make you crazy.” “Mom, I would’ve been crazy no matter what.” “I’m not so sure about that. I think you’re the one of who would have been better off without the rest of us.” What she said made me compare myself to the rest of the family in a way that I never had before. I was the only one of us who hadn’t been diagnosed with some form of mental
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Anything we showed interest in he would reciprocate. He would make random, silly comments that made us all laugh. One day, at my little brother’s ninth birthday party my dad was entertain his friends when he said “I want to see Justin Bieber beat with a lead pipe.” The boys laughed, but later that night they gathered sticks and started screaming and hitting an old doll. It was chalked up to classic “boys will be boys” behavior, but overtime the actions grew more drastic. My dad would say it is okay to physically fight someone as long as they throw the first punch. A year later my brother was suspending for getting into a fight at school after provoking them to throw the first punch.
I noticed how my mother was affected by my brother’s actions, which seemed to replicate my father’s words. She was already tired after working all day to support my family on a teacher’s salary. When she came home, she would have to deal with the consequences of my brother’s failing grades, arguments he has with teachers, and fights he had with students. Then she would have to talk to my dad, who always seemed to be in trouble at work for saying something else he shouldn't have. Watching the sacrifices she made to keep our family afloat. I began to resent my father, blaming him for my brother’s behavior and angry at how he couldn’t keep a job.
After realizing how much help my family needed, and how hard my mom worked everyday I felt more accountable to take care of
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