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H30 Mermaids Once upon a time, there were these three mermaids. In the deep blue sea there names were Sirene,Nixie,and Lyla they were with their pod. The mermaids went for a swim away from their pod in they went to this island to look around in they found these starfish that they put on their ear. When the three mermaids left when they got where they pod was at they was not there the pod had disappeared ,so they want back to the island in was talking like where did our pod go.The mermaids heard people talking it was this boy name Zac and his family they were out there camping. Zac told his family that he was going for a walk in he saw this cave so he was thinking like should I go in then, so Zac end up going into the cave.When Zac went…show more content…
Mike had left from Zac so the runed up to him in he was like who are u guys in they was like my name is Sirene,Nixie, and Lyla and he was like while my name Zac then they was like i saw what happen to you when you felled into that moon pool he was like how u know that they was like they was there but underneath the water in he was like so yall like mermaids to they said yes.They all want the this cold bar war food and shakes were sold at he was

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