Essay On Mexican Repatriation

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The dilemma of illegal immigration is an issue that manifest itself as a major topic of discussion in the House of Representatives. Central and South America are wo regions of the many regions that have gathered the most attention regarding illegal immigration in the last few decades. In the last decades, the U.S. Government has been implementing propositions and formulating plans to minimize the issue without violating the basic natural rights of illegal aliens. The U.S. Government and migration agencies, however, tends to rely on a method considered cruel by but necessary by many. Repatriation refers to the act of sending or bringing an individual or group of people back to their country of birth. The act could be voluntary or lawfully forced depending on the legal standpoint of an individual. The word repatriation does not apply as much in the modern language usage. The term has been substituted for a word…show more content…
It has gained federal strength throughout time with imposed laws becoming more and more strict. There was a major event during the early 1930s that left its mark in the immigration history of the United States were thousands of American citizens with Mexican ancestry were involved in. The 1930s Mexican Repatriations were a series of deportations of Mexicans and Mexican-Americas to Mexico due the conditions that The Great Depression inflicted in the United States. The circumstances during those times were not suited for job provision and U.S. citizens were prioritized for availability. Mexicans were blamed for holding the work that Anglo-Americans could have been fulfilling. That was the driving force that made many start to consider returning to their native land. Agencies refused to provide aid to those who did not had proof of residency or other legal documentation. An estimated 400,000 to 1 million Mexicans and Mexican-Americans left the United States and return to
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