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The Lesson Inquiry Paper

- What’s the point Miss Moore is trying to prove bringing the kids to the toy store?
With this story its important to ask the question what was the point of the whole thing? With the what the story said from the point of view of Sylvia. As the story goes on it gives subtle clues about the whole scenrioes. As time goes on throughout the story it says in some direct and some indirect ways Miss Moore makes them pay the cab fare then 10% tab for to make them use the children’s math skills in real life instead of just in the class room when doing school work and the kids don’t notice what Miss Moore is doing and go on about their trip. When they arrive at the toy store they get excited but, when they realize the prices
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That was how society was treating them sadly, pretty much saying stay in your own class not giving hope to anyone who wasn’t rich to do better. Wither that was societys plan dilebertally or not that was how it seemed to anyone too intimated to do anything about it which is understandable. Back to the point Miss Moore could of just started out her day to bring the children to the toy store in the nicer part of New York just to teach them math skills instead of just in the classroom but, wanted to give them real life expiernce for when they really need those skills they understand and know what to do. While on the other hand throughout the whole day they got more and more life expierence not just for math but, the understanding of their society and how no matter where they are in life they can change and do better for themselves no matter what other’s would say. That they would have the determination to go on and live life to the fullest and never hold back. Which stated before and multiple times weither
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