Essay On Mob Mentality

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Politics, economics, ecological threats. All of these are large problems in today’s society, but are addressed and thought about. There is a problem that is ignored though, and continues to grow worse. The rising effect of mob mentality on humans way of thinking and actions, and the loss of justice it causes. The typical mob mentality may seem a thing of the past to most, but it is still here and still having a horrendous effect on humanity. One of the most famous incidences of justice being lost via mob mentality is the huge amount of lynchings in 1900’s US. Huge crowds would converge on a small amount of people, and torture them for hours before killing them; No trial, no jury, no fair chance “..until a mob--estimated at 5,000 to 10,000-- marched down Superior Street to the police station” (“Duluth’s Shameful” n.pag). This was seen as perfectly normal, and often postcards of the dead body would be used as trading cards. Most people would not torture and kill a man on their own, simply because the thought…show more content…
With the connected society we have today, nations can develop the mentality now as well. The fear of Islamic terrorism has led to the fear and hatred of Islam itself. Instead of looking at an act of violence and finding the motive was Islamic Extremism, they look at the Islamic and prepare for extremism “more than 160 Muslim-American terrorist suspects and perpetrators in the decade since 9/11” (Islamophobia n.pag). An opinion of President Donald Trump is that all muslims should be labeled, very similar to the way Jews had to be labeled in Germany. There are a lot of similarities between the road to the holocaust and modern day Islamophobia. One should not be condemned and the other accepted. Because one is an idea spreading today, and because of the internet, the typical mob mentality takes hold. It is not right that a girl wearing a Hijab is looked at warily and threatened to make her betray her
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