Essay On Modern Day Slavery

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Many people do not believe that slavery is still an issue when in fact, it is, even in the United States. People deny the idea of modern day human trafficking because they do not want to believe that something so horrible could be occurring, especially in our own nation; the “land of the free”. Victims of slavery are forced to work involuntarily or are not allowed to leave once they have started, even if the working conditions are unbearable. There are five different forms of slavery: bonded labor, sex slavery, child slavery, domestic servitude, and forced labor (Modern Abolition: Learn About Five Forms of Slavery). Forced labor will be the main focus of this paper, which can also include child slavery, bonded labor, and domestic servitude.
Slavery in America began in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619 when African slaves were brought over to
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We hear more about sexual exploitation more than forced labor, which makes it seem like it is not a huge issue, but it really is. Many nations, such as, Mexico, Central America, East Asia, South Asia, Africa, and Europe send many people to the United States in order to work involuntarily (Hepburn). Thousands of people are victims of trafficking each year, whether it be for cheap, or even free, labor or sexual utilization. Additionally, not only are people trafficked from other countries to work in the United States, but even US citizens are forced to move locations and work unwillingly. According to Hidden in Plain Sight: Human Trafficking in the United States, “many US citizens are removed from the issue of human trafficking because they view it as un underground industry whose victims and abusers are primarily immigrants” (Hepburn). This is very saddening to think about because we should still see it as an issue even if we believe that it does not affect ourselves or our
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