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Modern Meets Retro Moving-Going Experience A live band, standard restaurant food, retro posters, popcorn, drinks, music, movies, small theaters, energetic atmosphere and good ticket pricing is what Alamo Drafthouse Cinema offers. This movie theater is well known throughout the United States. Overall there are 29 locations throughout the country and each one of them offers the same unique movie experience. There are two locations in the Denver Metro area. One is located in Littleton, the older of the two locations, and one in Denver, that was just opened a couple of months ago. The building is surrounded by many restaurants and business such as: a pizza and sandwich restaurant, McDonald’s, and a fancy steak restaurant to the rear. At the…show more content…
“In the background, behind the fellow at the register was a sort of classic movie poster that had been made as a sort of iconic marquee or advertisement for the theatre, “The Alamo”.”, Nic goes on to write. This retro movie poster, the group agreed, was a colorful, vibrant image that gives an uplifting, exciting feel to the movie experience. Our group then noticed the dimly lit bar and patio area to the left of the entrance; it was called “Bar Fly.” The hostess instructed us to find a table anywhere we wanted, she had a very informal and inviting way about her that most of our group members noted. We sat ourselves on one of the three wooden picnic tables on the outside patio. Gina noted that it was a bit chilly for her liking but the heater kept her and Ines warm on their side of the table. Jen and Nic sitting on the other side of the table noted the over-hanging light pole. The server came over promptly and offered us menus, which were in black and white and had movie themes that were found throughout the rest of the movie theatre. Nic noted how extensive the menu was and much to his surprise, this was several pages of snacks, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, entrees, desserts, and cocktails. Gina and Ines noted that the menu items were a little pricey for the implied portions. Jen and Nic ordered adult cocktails, Nic ordered the necromancer: gin,
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