Essay On Monarch Butterfly

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Every year around September and October, monarch butterflies start their incredible journey. Monarchs from the northeastern parts of the United States and Canada travel to central Mexico, where they will arrive sometime in November to avoid the impending cold temperatures. The group of monarchs will start their return trip around March and can arrive sometime in July. However, it is not the same group of monarchs that started this journey. There are five generations of monarch butterflies that go through the whole annual migration. During this migration period, the monarchs are very useful as a pollinator. As they land on flowers to feed on nectar, they are spreading pollen to many different kinds of flowers. As well as feeding on nectar, monarch butterflies also…show more content…
There has been a reduction in the amount of milkweed in the United States. This being the main food source for the monarchs puts their annual migration at risk. Because of this issue, there are currently many organizations that putting forward several plans in order to conserve the monarchs. Some of the ways they are protecting future monarchs is through education, habitat restoration, and policy. Education is put in terms of providing the general public with knowledge about how important the monarchs are and how can they help. Another technique is habitat restoration. Restoring milkweed fields would be a very large step in the right direction for conserving the monarchs. Along with planting new milkweeds along with restoring the old patches of milkweed would allow the monarchs to continue to prosper. Finally, government and non-government agencies can implement new policies in order to aid the monarch butterflies, as well as the organizations formed to aid the monarchs. These steps all can have a positive impact in helping conserve the monarchs, and allow the butterflies to continue their annual
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