Essay On Mother Tongue

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Amy Tan was born to two immigrants from China. She fell in love with literature even though she was always encouraged to find a career in the math or science field because of her lack in English. Tan studied at the San Jose State University where she received both her bachelors and master’s degree. Many others and I can relate to what Tan has to go through with having a different “Mother Tongue” than others. Tan uses the essay “Mother Tongue” to inform her audience about how we all use different “Englishes” throughout the day. English is a difficult language to learn. People do not deserve to be mistreated for not knowing “perfect” English.
Tan always has loved language. Language is such a powerful tool that we use every day. “…it can evoke an emotion, a visual image, a complex idea, or a simple truth” (pg. 479). Different “Englishes” are used based on your audience. Depending on if you are at home, work or giving a speech like Tan. Tan was giving a speech to a large group of people about her book “The Joy Luck Club.” She was using a type of language she does not speak at home. The English spoken at home
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Going to public places can be quiet a difficult task when speaking “broken English.” Tan’s mother had a difficult time at the hospital. She was trying to view her CAT scan results. She used her best English to be able to communicate with the hospital, to let them know that she was anxious to see the results. All she was able to understand was that they had lost her results and they didn’t even say sorry. Tan was called to make her message to the hospital clear. The CAT scan results ended up misplaced and they were very sorry. This was not the only time Tan had been there to help her mom communicate with others. Acting like her mother, Tan would take phone calls for her when she needed information. Doing this act made it more easy for her mother to be able to be understood and to
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