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A form of journalism called Muckraking was born during the Progressive Era at the turn of the twentieth century. Originally, Muckrakers, writers of muckraking pieces, told in their pieces the corrupt, unlawful, and dangerous goings-on of the middle class life via magazines, books, and other forms of writing. Muckraking since has evolved into a form of writing we today call investigative reporting, in which the author of the piece is forced to dig deep into a corrupt, unlawful or dangerous endeavor, and tell the world about it. An example of Muckraking is David Barstow’s piece in the New York Times in 2009 about a program at the Pentagon that took retired military officers and made them analysts for major TV and radio networks. These analysts,…show more content…
Six days after the release of Barstow's article on the program, The Pentagon announced it was suspending briefings and all other meetings with their military analysts due to an internal review of the program by the inspector general's office on whether special access to Pentagon leaders “may have given the contractors a competitive advantage” (Barstow). The Government Accountability Office also investigated the program on the grounds of whether it was spending government money to spread propaganda around the US. Many members of Congress also criticized the program and also amended the annual military authorization bill which led to the suspension of the program. Ike Skelton, a Congressman from Missouri said in a speech "There is nothing inherently wrong with providing information to the public and the press, But there is a problem if the Pentagon is providing special access to retired officers and then basically using them as pawns to spout the administration’s talking points of the day” (Barstow). Overall, Barstow’s research heavily affected the program, and revealed what was really going on inside of
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