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How do Muscles Grow? It would seem in the 21st Century there would be a clear answer to this question. Although there is an enormous amount of research on the subject. The answer is not so clear cut. Stem cell research has shed a great deal of light on what can effect positive growth in muscle tissue. (15) The whole complete process on how skeletal muscle tissue responds to increasing loads is not known.

The amazing process of skeletal muscle cell hypotrophy is a multi-level consideration, which opens the potential to unlock the key to anti-aging and longevity. (15) Skeletal muscle cell or fiber hypotrophy is an increase in muscle mass. The opposite, which results in a decrease of muscle mass is known as atrophy.

What an
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With aerobic exercise the cardiac muscle improves its ability to push more blood volume out of the heart chambers. Skeletal muscle on the other hand become more efficient at transmitting force through the tendons, ligaments and joints. (13) The two main functions of skeletal muscle fibers are to produce contraction that moves a joint resulting in locomotion of the human form and to provide for stability and posture within the body.

Each skeletal muscle within the human body must generate a different force from a unique level of tension in order to accomplish this remarkable feat. How muscles grow plays a dominant role within the balance of this system. Each skeletal muscle is able to adapt to variable loads by increasing the size and the amount of contractile proteins within the muscle fiber.

The Physiological Factors that Effect How Muscles Grow

In discussing skeletal muscle cell physiology it is necessary to introduce the role and interaction of satellite cells, as well as provide an overview of the immune response and growth factor proteins. In addition, to develop a more complete picture it is necessary to discuss cortisol, growth hormone and testosterone. Each of these factors will help to expand our understanding of how muscles grow.

Satellite cells are not found in cardiac (heart) muscle tissue. Satellite cells are only activated when skeletal muscle cells (fibers) are damaged. (6) Their
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