Essay On Muslim Race

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Growing up in the 00’s era right after 9/11 in the United States many people feared the Muslim race as a whole. Whenever I saw somebody, of the Muslim race I felt uneasy and scared but this seemed to be socially acceptable and even taught by parents after a tragic event like that; it instilled fear in many. Looking back now, I know I had a big misconception when it came to this. It was not the Muslim race as a whole; it was a small group of extremist known as the Al Qaeda, because of this attack, it created a lot of controversy about the Muslim people. It is now 2017 and we have just elected a new president, President Trump who seems to hold a grudge on the Muslim community. With January coming to a close President Trump has…show more content…
Before Trump banned outside countries like the ones I listed earlier He should worry more about security inside the country. These executive orders need to be overturned. Looking at terroristic attacks in the last fifteen years “The country home to the biggest number of terroristic attacks inside the US is in fact the US itself” (Williams). One of the most recent attacks was the San Bernardino shooting. Because of this shooting Donald trump introduced the idea of a Muslim travel ban. This travel ban would not have applied to both shooters as they were already American citizens.”Farook, 28, was an American citizen born in Chicago. Malik, 29, was born and raised in Pakistan. She arrived in The United States on a K-1 fiancée visa and later became a permanent citizen” (Levenson). Even with Trump’s ban, Stopping Malik would not have been possible, being that Saudi Arabia is not one of the banned countries, and the fiancée program remains in place. Looking at some other attacks in previous years like The New York and New Jersey explosions, Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting or even the Boston marathon bombing. All of these attackers are American citizens and or were from countries not on Trump’s ban
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