Essay On My Childhood Day

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During my childhood days, every single time it rained, I would wait just to hear the thunder. Every lightning strike was so powerful with its terrifying sound, yet it worked with the same principle that explained the bits of paper clinging to a charged fur cloth rubbed on a cat. It was very enchanting for me to learn that all the extreme and massive events which took place could be explained by the same laws which govern our daily experiences. Learning physics would unravel the nature of these events, all around me. Every single time I gaze at the sky, I could not help but realise that those stars which sparkle at a distance are nothing but bodies just like our sun and most of them are still bigger. During my school days, my biggest awe was just to realise how miniscule we were and that the universe was ever expanding. The most interesting fact for me was to admire the…show more content…
Moreover, my calculation for removing a stain on a vessel which my mother was not able to clean, came out to be right. I was able to remove the stain, unusually, with cooking oil than with water. My mother was surprised and I felt triumphant. Learning new little things can have a great stimulus on the human brain and this is a joyous facet of science to me.

My curiosity to know and understand the workings of the things around me has led to my interest in electronics, physics and particularly applied physics. To be able to understand the physical phenomenon and then being able to apply it is a very fascinating process. I would like to see how the theory that I got acquainted with up until now can be put to use for some of the most important things around. This internship would give me an opportunity to explore nanotechnologies and understand its link with applied
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