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Maintaining Control—NFL Needs to Take Action In a season that has already seen season-ending injuries of several NFL superstars, Sunday’s games on October 29th of 2017 brought forth its most worst yet, both physically and in its implications. In the third quarter of a game between the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky threw a beautiful pass into the endzone, received midair by Chicago’s tight end Zach Miller. As he fell to the ground alongside the defender, the goal line official’s arms raised, signaling a touchdown. However, upon the impact with the ground, Miller’s leg bent in the wrong direction—an injury that would be later diagnosed as a knee dislocation. While being initially checked for injury and assisted…show more content…
Furthermore, because of spectator displeasure derived from this and other issues this season, the NFL’s ratings are struggling. In short, the NFL’s official ruling of completing a catch is too ambiguous for spectators, players, and officials, and should be addressed accordingly. The official rulebook listing should be adjusted to define a catch as having control, within bounds of play, for one complete second. This rule change would not only provide a much clearer definition of a catch, but it would also make completing a reception or interception easier, recreating interest in the struggling National Football League. The NFL “catch rule” has been a hotly contested topic of sports debate since an incident involving Calvin Johnson, a highly-respected former wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, in 2010. Similar to Zach Miller’s recent incident, Johnson was originally awarded a touchdown reception, only to have it overturned for unclear and confusing reasons upon review. This play resulted in the first of many changes to the catch rule in recent years, aptly nicknamed the “Calvin Johnson Rule (Rothstein). However, as proven by the necessity of revisiting the rule again in 2015 and 2016, this was ineffective. Furthermore, as proven by scenarios such as Zach Miller’s earlier this season, it is clear that the recent word change has not removed the

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