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Throughout my high school career, I have been involved in various clubs and organizations to help me become a leader in my community. At Auburn High School I took on the role of being a Publicist officer for National Technical Honors Society the first two consecutive years that it became a part of our school. I gained a lot of leadership experience through this club. Implementing a new organization is never easy and takes a lot of hard work and dedication from the leaders of the club. By being a part of a very helpful, dedicated and motivated team, we helped affiliate all the eligible members into the club and in turn helped introduce this new club to the school. As publicist my role in helping the club grow was crucial; I helped in publicizing the clubs various projects and involvement.…show more content…
Through this program I learned a lot of leadership and teamwork skills. EAMC highly encourages its staff to be leaders for team members to provide the best possible healthcare to its patients. During My first year of volunteering, I had great leaders and team members that helped me learn all of the aspects associated with being a TAV. When our leaders graduated, I in turn had to take on the role and help all the new members learn their jobs throughout the hospital. EAMC believes in high quality patient care and as volunteers it was our job to make sure that we also meet their patients needs in a responsible manner. I learned a lot of leadership skills throughout my years of volunteering and teaching new members our jobs roles as well as picking up teamwork skills needed in making healthcare at EAMC the best it can be. I believe I can bring my work ethic and dedication to Auburn’s campus and help lead engineers to be the leaders in our world while being one

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