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Nationalism could be a type of religion in some cases. Nationalism could be a kind of religion promoted by the state in order to help supplement obedience and conformity to the wishes of the state. Like all religions, nationalism tries to answer the problems of life, for instance, who the person is, from where do they come from, what is the person's legacy and etc. All these questions could sometimes be answered through nationalism and that’s why some people could be extremely nationalistic. Just like every false idea of reality, it could be dangerous. Although religion is not the thing that truly successfully binds people in a geographic space as well as nationalism does, nationalism could still act as a sort of religion. "More recently,…show more content…
In some way religious nationalists often occur to their religion traditionally and follow specific ways that their ancestors believed in because religious people would only refer to their religion's text but religious nationalists would refer to ancestors. Religion and nationalism could sometimes be separated by the idea of politicizing religion or having the influence on religion to politics. For example in Saudi Arabia they have the effect of religion on their political ideologies and they make laws according to the Islam. The most reason why religion can be similarized with nationality is because it gives a sense of national unity and it’s a belief shared by a group of people and that kind of shows how its similar to nationalism. The idea of religion supports the persons national identity, shares similar ethnicity with a group of people, language and culture also that’s how nationalism and religion are similar. Whatever the case may be, the modern religion and nationalism, nationalism would win over religion because everyone sort of follows tradition more than religion these days and tradition could lead to a specific belief and build up a national group. So modern people would put nationalism before their religion. An example for this is the Islamic extremist group ISIS on how they turned religion into nationalism but follow nationalistic belief and act as one more than they would follow the actual Islamic

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