Essay On Native American Identity

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Who are these Native American’s who roamed the Great Plains? They were once a proud and large nation of people, who honor the land, each other, and traditions that were passed down from father to son and mother to daughter. The years were not kind to them when the white man descended upon their great world. There were hundreds of different nations of Indians who lived in the America’s; all had similar goals in life. They wanted a family, provide for that family, and live accordance to the laws that were passed down. The historical trauma delivered to this great people was only equal to the holocaust according to several writers. The American Indians are not classified as a race, but a sovereign nation with the federal government (Warrior, 1995, p. 95). The sovereign nation of Indian cultures still struggles to keep the tribes together. Sovereign identity is a struggle to which scholars acknowledge “dynamic and ongoing process, demanding constant self-assessment and evaluation” (Warrior, 1995).…show more content…
94). The European culture dominated the Indians when they became oppressed with owning the land. The United States government agencies along with churches and organization main goals were to change the culture of the ALs to fall more in line with the civilized culture being presented. These organizations required complete assimilation them to the white culture and dismiss their father’s teachings. They took children from their families at an age of 4-5 to change their thinking and beliefs (Brave Heart, 2003). This plan began the destruction of tribes to the great assimilation that failed the American Indian culture. The culture now is lost to drugs, alcohol and
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