Essay On Native Americans In The 21st Century

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This article talks about the treatment of Native Americans in the 21st century and how they were face with the characterization of the different wide ranges of culture. The persistent complexity of native distinctive tradition, religion, language, life-styles and political identities have lead the Native Americans to really realized what it felt to be Native Americans going through all these different changes while living in this dominant society. These cultural variances changes also cause disruption in their living arrangement too as some Native Americans started to emerge outside of their cultural ethnic to try finding their place in the indigenous society. These Native Americans were led to believe that living in this society everything were going to be like living in an Eden like garden paradise. But they quickly started to get drawn and caught up in the growing opportunities of the growing U.S. society that they started to lose touch with the reality of their values, attitudes and belief of their native tradition. But they didn't realize it that even though this lifestyle is a economic benefit that is desirable it also make it impossible to live a traditional native lifestyle in this society. It was an amazement for them to finally be able…show more content…
Although the 21st century has cause a lot of drastically changes for these Native Americans they still continue to be plague with a lot hardships and continually issues such as poverty, drug addiction, alcoholism, unemployment, low level of education and health problems. They might be allow the privilege to participate in the aspect of the every day modern life in society but they are still subject to the history of social
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