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Nature of the Meeting The City of Mississauga Planning and Development Committee hosts regular meetings on alternating Mondays, throughout the year. Incidentally, I attended a Planning and Development meetings for this Log Book assignment on Monday, October 30, 2017. In fact, the location of the meeting was 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 2G6, in the Civic Centre Council Chamber, which is also the Mississauga City Hall building. The meeting commenced promptly at 7:00 pm, and I stayed until 9:10 pm. In general, the interior of the Council Chamber was a combination of an amphitheatre and a church. However, I noticed that the Council members desk and seating was elevated in a semi-circular fashion, but, staff members and…show more content…
In particular, the note takers were present during all presentations for the duration of the meeting. In addition, there were other city staff members positioned close to Council during presentations to answer agenda specific questions. Incidentally, the number of staff members varied depending on what item on the agenda was being discussed. The audience was a mix of developers, presenters, community members, the City of Mississauga staff, and observers. Community members gave input on issues concerning housing or development that were relevant to their neighbourhood. Feedback was not always in opposition to new development. Instead, sometimes questions were asked to clarify a developers building intentions. Whenever there was a change of item on the agenda, there would also be a turnaround of developers, staff, and community members who would leave the Council area also. Simultaneously, new staff members would occupy seats in the Council area, new presenters and community members would enter the chamber for agenda items that would follow. The Planning and Development Committee made available a limited number of agendas that were available on a table to which the audience could help themselves. During my observation of the meeting, I was present for items one through five on the agenda. However, I left after the final presenter explained the plan for item number four point six, to Council. Chairperson
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