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Being 10 is hard enough without the preasures and scariness of living on the streets, but that is just what Neiheva has been living with for the last 8 years with a man who saved her. She and her "father" have learned to not only to survive but live in the alleyways and shadows of her city. She is developing into a young woman and strange things are begining to happen to her. We're not talking puburity, but hallucinations. Her father worries it has to do with the state that he found her in and beats himself up for not getting her checked out sooner. Nervia and her dad woke one morning looking for a job but found much more. A restraunt owner took them both in and not only gave them a job but a roof over their head and food in their stomach.…show more content…
Short time after starting work her dad got sick and died, his death brought a whole new strings of questions to her life. She not only watched him die, but watched something deffintly not human suck his soul.

The resturant owner offered her condolance as he tried to explain what happen and who was. Navehia thought it must all be a dream, becuase if he was right, if he was an angle he could have saved her dads soul, his life. Now scared and more confused than ever she must choose her path, does she belive god has not forsaken her but has plans for her or will she side with the devil to save her dads soul?

Raves: I absolutly loved this book. Haven did wonders bringing to reality these magestic creatures of God and her protraile of what it is like to be the presence of not only angles but God himself is breath taking. I was able to really connect with the deabth of all the charcters no mater how small their role may have been.

Rants: There are a few gamaticle errors, but nothing that would make you walk away from the amazing story.

Rating: I do give Falter by Haven Cage a 3 out of 4 stars, only due to some gramical errors. This book is a must read for teens and young adults
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