Essay On New York City Bombing

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At around 8:30 pm on September 17th a bomb went off in New York City and bomb squads found multiple other devices. On September 19 2016 Ahmad Khan Rahami is arrested in linden New Jersey. He was discovered sleeping outside a bar. This caused a gunfight to break out; he was shot by police and arrested. The New York City Police and F.B.I have said there is no none connection to any tourist groups.

With an attack like this so hard to stop it has people feeling uneasy in their own cities. “ It makes you wonder when your walking down the street is something is just “going to randomly blow up around you.” Said Jessica Green who is a resident in New Yorks Lower East Side.

There is also debate if its still considered terrorism if they have no
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Residents seem to believe the city is up to par with their counter terrorism enforcement. “New York has excellent bomb squads and counter terror units all over the city and they work hard to keep us safe everyday.” Said David Harlan.

I asked a man standing next to David listening to the conversation what kind of prevention methods could we use? “ Its up to the people of the city, we have to be watchful and call in something that seems suspicious into the police.

With more people on the look out for suspicious activity could this lead to more stereotyping? “Yes, it could lead to more stereotyping but in the end were are all the same and we have to be mindful of that and respect others.” Elizabeth Gambino

Standing on the street asking two men their opinion of public safety. “It has not changed my opinion on public safety in New York but when we are traveling through the city on big holidays or important events we will definitely be more cautious.” Said William Leemon and Clayton Howell. With this being said it’s easy to tell these bombs has the city on edge. From the reactions of people I have interviewed it also seems like there was not much that people believe could have prevented such horrific
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