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I’m from Newfoundland, the chilly rock that’s best known for being closest to where the Titanic sank. However, it’s also the place where Guglielmo Marconi received the first transatlantic wireless signal from Europe, at Signal Hill, in St. John's Newfoundland. As a child, when I would return to visit family, running around atop Signal Hill and playing in the heavy winds was a favorite pastime. Marconi’s story meant nothing to me. Who cared about some guy with a wire and a kite who sent messages through tapping noises? However, as a college-bound student increasingly interested in communications technology, I can see how integral it was to the development of communications for remote and isolated areas.
Today, the island I consider my homeland suffers from a stifled economy, which has caused an exodus of young people in search of work. A large percentage of the population is like my 93-year-old grandmother who texts and attempts to learn Facebook to stay in touch with her family. Those who live in more remote areas find themselves without modern and affordable communications services due to a lack of
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My brother studies Biomedical Engineering, so I expected to see a certain subset of equipment, research projects, etc. However, I ended up getting to take part in an eye-opening conversation with a Ph.D. student in ECE who was working with my brother, as he explained the research of imaging techniques on cells, and how all the mirrors, lenses, and lasers on the table in front of me actually related to Biomedical Engineering, their investigations and work they were doing with medical faculty. This was multidisciplinary research in action. My brother and the team he was working with weren’t just proficient in one area. To make real progress, they collaborated together across various engineering disciplines and into other fields such as
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