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Cameron walked with John into the main school office. She quickly took a scan of the surrounding area. There was a red-haired lady talking to a man and a girl at the counter. The girl was signing a piece of paper on a clipboard. Her analysis concluded that the red-headed lady was not a threat. There were some people in the back part of the office. She could not get a good scan of them but knew that they were four females. The girl finished signing the sign-in sheet. The man and the girl went to sit in the chairs on the right farthest from the door. "I'll be with you in a moment, please sign the clip board and take a seat." said the red-haired lady going back to her desk. John signed the clip board and sat down opposite of the man and…show more content…
But, hers were different. Almost as if she was born a human and something else. She needed a more detail analysis to be certain of the data. She also seemed to be overly excited and was trying to control herself. The girl took everything in of the office. She was very intentional with her movements. Cameron deducted with a 56% probability that she was purposely slowing herself down to human speed. Cameron increased her threat level again. She predicted with a 47% probability that they were not after John or have not recognized him. Two more people walked into the office one was a tall blonde guy and the other was smaller and had brown hair. Her scan put him at a 1% chance of a threat. The taller blonde male carried himself differently. His temp, breathing, and perspiration were normal. His pheromones were absent. All humans gave off pheromones. This one did not. She increased her threat posture moving closer to John and diverting more processing power to analyzing this additional information. The two males sat between her and John and the other couple after they signed the clipboard. The man looked at the blonde hair guy as well. Cameron concluded that the man also seemed to be very curious about the blonde guy. The girl seemed to move more defensively closer to the man instinctively. Cameron moved into a more of a protective mode towards John. Two teachers walk in through the door. They head towards the back where boxes that had labels with names on them. The blonde

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