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No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was produced to make 100% of students’ proficient by 2014. While the idea sounds perfect on paper, it is not the case when it is put into action. NCLB was replaced in 2015 and replaced by the Every Student Succeeds Act. Many students did not use the resource effectively due to the fact that not all children have the same views and desires toward fulfilling their education career. This in turn makes it hard for the teachers to follow the education guidelines while also ensuring that the students who know the material don’t get bored with the class. It is incredibly hard to teach a student who doesn’t want to learn. As stated by Michael Ortiz, “NCLB was designed to assist students to succeed in the classroom.…show more content…
This changes almost every year. With the standardized tests and regular standards it is becoming increasingly easy for students to fall behind in work and then more so in school. The toll it takes on teachers reflects on the students. Overall, acts that are meant to keep all children equal in passing tests and school adequacy can have damaging effects on both the students and teachers. Forced learning acts can create rebellious and dull-minded children and teens. Laws around schooling are stricter than ever. Young children are starting to rebel against teachers and make destructive decisions. Students of all ages are beginning to ignore their teachers and not care about school. This leads to teachers feeling somewhat defeated and not trying to teach at the level that they should because the students lack of wanting to learn can reflect on how the teacher teaches especially with the switching of classes. As Jennifer Chassman wrote, “Teachers are expected to teach with students coming in and out of

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