Essay On Nonprofits

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Nonprofits are a unique and prevalent entity that differ in many respects from traditional administration. Basically, what makes nonprofits so unique is that these organization do not have shareholders to pay dividends to. Profits are fully driven towards accomplishing the purpose of the nonprofit. As with for-profit organizations, nonprofits also have a board of directors, but their decisions are not influenced in the same way. For-profits must shape their future in a way that will make their shareholders happy and provide financially sound returns. Nonprofits are guided solely by what will help further their mission, they are not juggling profit goals and social goals together. Nonprofits can also be exempt from taxes in certain occasions,…show more content…
As discussed in class, government can be very inefficient, and cause problems when they do not serve correctly or efficiently. Nonprofits sometimes clean up the mess left when government is not succeeding in helping the general population. This can be seen in such organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Planned Parenthood, American Red Cross, and more. These social services are obviously very necessary, but are not part of our government’s services. These nonprofit social services are ensuring that the gaps of a faulty governmental system are filled to the best of their abilities. Nonprofits play the needed role of providing resources and services with no caveats regarding profits, a needed relief for those who benefit from their outcomes. With so many NPOs, they also create job opportunities in our economy and purchase supplies and materials that further help other companies grow. It is not like they are mooching by any means, they operate very much like for-profit organizations with a few
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