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On June 25th, 1950 the United States engaged in conflict with North Korea. This left a mark on North Korea. Prior to when we engaged, Korea was ruled by Japan (1910) until after WWII ended. In the summer of August 1945, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan. The United States joined and by 1948, as a result of the cold war between the Soviet Union and the U.S. Korea split into two separate countries. This resulted in a government argument between the two sides and neither agreed on a final answer which leads to war. On July 23, 1953, an armistice was signed between North and South Korea, they agreed to lead each country the way they believed was correct ( Korean Demilitarized Zone). To this day, both sides of Korea are far within peace. This is exactly why we shouldn’t engage with North Korea because it would lead innocent civilians to death. Not only will it cause death but it will also lead to a change of lifestyle for the North Koreans, which we do not want. One of the factors that will affect the U.S. we choose to engage with North Korea is changing their lifestyle. The article “ North Korean…show more content…
This may most likely cause a war between the U.S. and North Korea. Following through with eliminating Kim-Jong Un, would cause a scary chain of events to occur. Some of the events could be; world war, bombings, etc. You may say that the North Korean’s despise Kim Jong- Un as their leader but, they only know one way to do things, which is the way Kim- Jong Un taught them. Not only will they not know what to do but, the people will cry uncontrollably and everyone will complain about how the U.S. is terrible because we murdered their beloved leader. So, the U.S. is better off not engaging with North
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