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Northrup Grumman is a leader in the global security industry. When I graduate with my Masters in business Education, it is my desire to align myself with a company or organization that has a market in the healthcare industry that is works with the government organizations, on a state as well as a federal level. This report will show that Northrup Grumman has a strong reputation in the industry as being ethically and financially sound. They not only employ a wide variety of individuals but they also offer career growth and development within their organizations. These qualities along with some others is why I would like to have a career with Northup Grumman.

When looking for an organization in which I would like to be employed with in the future I look at a company’s history, its reputation in the business world and employee satisfaction. This company for me would be Northrup Grumman. Northrup Grumman (NG) is a leading global security company that provides innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems, Cybersecurity, C41SR and logistics and modernization to government and commercial customers worldwide. (“About Us,” 2015)
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The Information Systems segment provides solutions to the Department of Defense, national intelligence, federal civilian state and commercial customers. Products and services in this segment focus on different fields, Healthcare being the one of interest to my career path. The Healthcare division of Northrup Grumman’s Information Systems segment provides expertise in healthcare and IT capabilities to support healthcare services and an efficient health and human service systems in areas such as benefits management, population health, and health
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