Essay On Nuremberg Trial

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Nuremberg Trials The Nuremberg Trials is the best-known trail regarding World War II and the Holocaust. This trial took place from November 20th, 1945- October 1st, 1946, and was not the only trial for prosecuting those involved with the horrific acts of the Holocaust. This trial tried major war criminals of being responsible for what happened during the Holocaust. The prosecution and defense attorneys followed the American and British law. The legal proceedings followed the 4 Allied countries that made up the judge tribunal: The British Empire, France, America, and the Soviet Union. Each Allied power had 2 judges, 1 main judge, and an alternate. The Defendants were also allowed to choose their own lawyers. 24 individuals and 6 Nazi’s organizations…show more content…
This happened before they could be brought to stand trial for their horrific actions. Also, Herman Goring (Hitler’s designated successor and head of the German air force “Luftwaffe”), killed himself by hiding a cyanide capsule under a jar of skin medication. He killed himself the night before his execution. The main defense that was used during the trial was: the use of the London charter exposed facto law. Basically, these acts that the defense had committed had not been around at the time and therefore were not illegal at the time the act was committed. The other main defense was: that the trial was a victors’ justice. This means that the Allied powers were being harsher towards them because they had lost the war, and if it was their soldiers on trial they would be much more lenient. They come up with any defense they could as they did not show any remorse for their horrific actions to innocent, men, women, and children. Who could no longer speak for themselves Since the judges and defendants spoke 4 different languages, the instantaneous translation was introduced. This provided each judge and defendant to hear what was going on in their language as men and women would automatically translate into German, Russian, French, and
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