Essay On Nursing Transition

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Role and practice of professional nursing transition Associate Degree to Baccalaureate degree always been something on my To Do List during this career in nursing. The process of transition from an Associate degree toward a Baccalaureate Degree, I have expanded my knowledge to research evidence base practice, leadership community involvement and sharpen skills with the computer. Apply the knowledge gain from researching evidence-base practice, community involvement and new technology improved my nursing in the patient care area. Nurses are involved with technology more each year, in fact, there is an increase in the use of mobile computers and wireless solutions to care for the patient effectively. I am fortunate to take Transition…show more content…
I believe that nursing in this 21st century deals with rapid changes and practice of the human body. Values of nursing are changing due to technology in the workforce for nursing personal. I have notice during my nursing career, dignity of man given by nurses no longer exists in the nursing profession, fast pace bedside nursing care have taken leading for sick clients in the hospital. The government in my opinion have given less money to the hospital for sick Medicare patient so the patient only stays for their sickness one or two days. Code of Ethic for nursing is to take care of the sick, injury, and vulnerable and social justice. Therapeutic touching patients are part of the healing process of sick patients in the hospitals. Computers are very useful in the medical field; However, computers determine the value of therapeutic touching by assessing numbers on the computer to obtain a complete value. Healing process will begin in by humans comforting the flesh determining the problem with the patient in the nursing process.

Personal philosophy of nursing to me means being an advocate. Advocacy is an area of lay specialization in health care concerned with advocacy for patients, survivors and careers. The patient advocate maybe an individual or an organization, often, tough not always, concerned with one specific group or
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