Essay On ' Oedipus The King '

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How Not to Become Oedipus the King I have always been one to want to understand they why behind any fact. It seems to be somewhere between curiosity and skepticism. I tell myself its not simply a lack of trust but a desire to better understand the world around me but either way it does lead me to ask questions and look for holes in ideas that are presented to me. I would would like have the time and the wherewithal to take break things down to the level that Descartes does in his Discourse on the Method. But rarely have I ever had the time to do this. What I have enjoyed from childhood is finding out facts about the world around me. We watched PBS and Novas as a standard affair growing up. I 'm not entirely sure where this came from. Neither of my parents had an education that was heavy in the sciences. They did both wind up with a careers that had a technical slant with my father starting out as a surveyor for the Department of Transportation and my mother working for NASA, in payroll, during the late 1960 's. So maybe with that background and some aptitude and interest myself, I very much enjoyed the natural sciences, math and later computers. I think that early on this idea that there was a why behind almost everything and there were people out there actively trying to find it out was of great interest. I am sure that growing up I took whatever was given to me as fact. But as I got into high school, I started to see notice differing opinions on what was
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