Essay On Oklahoma City Bombing

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Boom. That is the sound of hearts falling and shattering with the walls of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building on April 19, 1995. No one anticipated the chaos that would break loose that morning. At the time, those who witnessed the tragic event were not aware of the cause. The only thing they knew was that blood had been spilled, and stained the innocence of mankind. Twenty-one years later, the memory of this disastrous event still burns and aches in the hearts of Oklahomans as well as the family and friends of the victims. Though cognitive and physical effects of the Oklahoma City bombing are permanent, humanity’s desire to do good and progress greatly overshadows it.
The events of April 19 were born of long term planning. Timothy McVeigh
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Although like everything in life, people need certain boundaries. When being questioned about the bombing, Timothy McVeigh would admit that the cause was hatred towards the American government. He was one of many that that was enraged with the events in Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge. The early 1990’s were described to be a time of “dramatic upheaval” (Clinton). People were upset, and the easiest thing to do for some was to gather and oppose their own government. “But the sense that Waco and Ruby Ridge were somehow not the fault of those who were advocating violence and armed to the teeth and prepared to exercise it, but the government that was attempting to enforce the law. And so it became symbolic” (Clinton). They were so busy pointing fingers; they forgot the beauty of brotherhood and violated their freedoms. Freedom of speech is not bombing a federal building just because you disagree with their methods. The boundaries set in place by the government attempt to limit those who corrupt freedom. In events such as the Oklahoma City bombing, blameless American people faced the fallout of McVeigh’s destruction. What was supposed to be an ordinary day at work turned into a day of misery that left people without a mother, a father, a son, or even a
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