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The NBA’s one and done rule, stating that a player must be one calander year removed from their graduating class before entering the NBA, is a failing the NBA and the player. If a high school player has no intrest in playing college basketball, and wants to make a living playing basketball, let him further his career. If the player is 18, it is unethical to force them into risking an entire year of their basketball lives for “development”, and all it does is risk turning a potential generational superstar into an injured has-been with no NBA future.
First of all, the “student athlete” moniker is being turned into a laughable joke due to this rule. The NCAA knows, the NBA knows, and most importantly, you know that there are very, very few
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All of these players have been to an NBA confrence finals and everyone on this list has been to multiple all-star games and have dominated the game in some way. Why would the NBA keep this rule when they are potentially risking the players getting hurt in college, or delay when a superstar can enter the NBA? Imagine Lebron James commited to a college, and in a freak accident fractured his ankle. Would the NBA ever be the same? Would we ever see a dominat Lebron like we see in todays NBA? Would we have ever seen the star-studded Warriors roster come together to try and dethrone Lebron from his NBA dominance? These questions thankfully do not have to be answered because Lebron James was drafted in 2003, before the One and Done rule was implemented.
Many coaches and players, and even the commisoner of the NBA himself are against the NBA’s one and done rule. Coach Mike Krzyzewski is a strong believer in eliminating the one and done rule. "In baseball, in theater, in music, if you're 18 and you're really good, you go on a different path," Krzyzewski said during an ESPN interview. "I really think that high-school players should be allowed to go.” I agree with Coach K’s point about how if you are talented in another subject, you are allowed to go on a different path. For example, if an actor is incredibly gifted, you do not force them to go to one year of acting school before you can cast them in a movie.
The “One and Done” rule is also unfair to
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