Cuba Open Door Policy Essay

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Open Door Policy to Cuba
Blake Andrews
Randolph Community College

Open Door Policy to Cuba
For five decades the United States and Cuba have been at each other’s throats, this is reason that fifty plus years ago the U.S. created and embargo act against Cuba making all business between the two country’s illegal. But after such a long time of this going on President Barrack Obama ends the act and thus opens the doors for business between the two countries (Alonso, 2016). What had initiated the ending of this embargo act was the trade of prisoners between the countries. This has people wandering what to do now, where do we start, and is there certain factors we need to be aware of to establish business with and or
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In 2016 Cuba’s economy was a bit indecisive, the first half of 2016 Cuba’s economy collapsed 0.9% while during the last half of 2016 Cuba’s economy ascended 1% (Chase, 2017). Not only does Cuba have a bit of an indecisive economy their economy also seeks reliability from other countries such as the Soviet Union along with Venezuela. For three decades Cuba stayed dependent on the annual subsidies delivered by the Soviet Union. When all subsidies ceased from the Soviet Union in 1991 Cuba’s economy plummeted. Then history later repeated itself with Venezuela as their economy fell and left Cuba’s economy once again in laboriously hard times (Chase, 2017). But everything soon changed for Cuba’s economy once President Barack Obama opened the doors between the United States and Cuba. As of 2017 Cuba’s economy flipped around with the notable increase of U.S. tourist just from 2016. Cuba’s economy has come an astronomical way in twenty-six years, they found their way making it up to the second most popular place to visit throughout the Caribbean’s (Chase, 2017). With the amount of tourist that come to Cuba provides support and cushion on a good feeling of conducting business in Cuba.
In the twenty-first century the main way of communication now is through the internet. In business sending and receiving emails on time is crucial, every business man in the U.S. knows this. But Cuba on the other hand does not really understand because even today they are very limited on
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