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Orange is the New Black Orange is the New Black is a television series that debuted on the online streaming service Netflix in 2013. This show is based on the memoir, Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, written by Piper Kerman about her time in a minimum security prison. She was convicted of transporting a suitcase full of drug money ten years prior and sentenced to 15 months in a Penitentiary in upstate New York. The show chronicles her life in the prison and the relationships she forms with the other women she is serving time with. As the show progresses, you get to know each inmate as a human being, with a large part of the episodes flashing back to each woman’s backstory and giving the reason they are in prison. While some of these women are in for pretty bad crimes, the show has a way of humanizing them and making the viewers like them. The message that this show portrays is much louder than the crimes that the women have committed. Through the past four seasons Orange is the New Black has taken its viewers on an a emotional roller coaster through the highs and lows of these women’s lives in prison.…show more content…
It is currently the most watched show on Netflix. While this original series highlights different racial groups, gender roles, and sexualities, I would like to analyze the similarities and differences between this show and other shows and movies. I will try to understand better what the messages about these minority groups portray and how this affects its viewers and their perceptions of these groups. By narrowing down my analyses to five main characters, I will be able to give more precise findings while also representing the minority groups I mentioned above. While Orange is the New Black does shed light on a lot of different minorities, I believe that the stereotypes it portrays can maintain the ideas that major audiences have about these
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